Credit card processing comes in many forms. Most allow merchants to accept customers’ credit, debit and mobile payments. As technology continues to evolve, merchants increasingly demand systems that go beyond receiving payments and offer them help to run their businesses. Clover Station is an Android tablet based system provided by Merchant Account Solutions that not only processes payments but helps business owners improve their operations in several key areas.

Putting Customers First

As more brick-and-mortar businesses find themselves in heated competition with their online counterparts, proprietors find they must find ways to make the physical shopping experience mirror the ease and convenience of online shopping. Clover Station kiosks come in forms tailored to different types of businesses to make the customer experience more enjoyable.

  • Food Service – Pay at the table, anyone? A nice feature of mobile tablet-based kiosks is the ability to bring the cash register directly to tableside.
  • Stores Who wants to stand in line? Systems like Clover Systems are helping merchants redesign their sales space and customer checkout procedures by leaning more toward collaborative “huddles” in place of long, frustrating lines.
  • Mobile Businesses The growing residential service sector is finding mobile payment systems like Clover to be unbeatable when it comes to providing customers convenient, professional payment options in their homes.

Considering Employees Needs

Another critical consideration in business success is employee satisfaction, and a substantial source of staff frustration has traditionally been inefficient and difficult-to-use payment systems. Clover Station uses a familiar Android interface that most employees are already familiar with using. Clover designs its systems to operate intuitively so training times are kept short and productivity increases rapidly.

Tracking Critical Data

Clover Station harnesses the power of Cloud technology to put vital data at the business owner’s fingertips. Access to essential metrics involving transactions, inventory, pricing and employee performance are available from any station connected to the internet to give owners the information they need to operate their businesses at peak efficiency.

Learn all the advantages of Clover Merchant Services today, and let Merchant Account Solutions help you take your business to a whole new level.

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