10 Simple Ways To Lower Your Energy Costs At Home

With power costs continually on the rise and the looming threat of climate change on the not-so-distant horizon, it is more important than ever to find ways to save energy. The good news is, there are simple steps that you can take to reduce your monthly power usage. This, inRead More →

5 Wonderful Ways To Spend Less This Winter

Winter is coming. Sure, it may only be October, but soon Halloween will be an afterthought and you will be preparing that delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Want to spend less this winter and holiday season? Employ a winter savings plan that works. Winter can be cold, stressful, and quite costly ifRead More →

10 Simple Steps To Green Up Your Office

It isn’t hard to get carried away and be wasteful at work. Even if you do practice green solutions at home, the office seems to bring out the worst of careless consumption in us. Here are a few basic instructions on how to reduce the damage. Don’t Leave Your ComputerRead More →

Here are 10 places in the home where you could be doing more to save energy and live a greener life. Washing Machine Wash your clothes with cold water. Detergents will still do their thing and get your clothes nice and clean. For that matter, when you’re washing clothes, washRead More →

Dealing With A Wasteful Significant Other

You work hard for your money. You take care of yourself. You make sure you have enough for a rainy day. You are responsible and stay accountable to yourself. Then you meet that special someone. All of a sudden, you find out your finances are in shambles. Hard as youRead More →

7 Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Moving

Relocation is a major move and only thinking about it can be tiresome. Planning and packing are exhausting enough, but even more of a downer are the extremely high expenses of moving, especially if it’s done during peak season. Some of the expenses are unavoidable, but if moving is properlyRead More →

4 Ways To Make Money Today Selling Your Used Stuff

Check around your home. Note every item you once purchased for a purpose which is currently lying dormant. Count them. How many of these big ticket items do you count? Head over to your garage or attic and repeat the process. How many do you count? Chances are the aboveRead More →

6 Eco-FriendlyTips To Travel Green

Becoming a mindful traveller will help you truly experience the destinations you visit, leave a positive impact on people around you and even help you discover your inner self. Your travel experiences will become more adventurous, exciting, meaningful and enriching. You’ll be able to establish true connections with different peopleRead More →