5 Tips For New Couponers

With no end in sight for the economic crisis, many people are looking for ways to stretch their money farther. One of the easiest ways is by couponing.  Coupons are frequently put out by manufacturers as a way to entice new customers into trying their products. A new trend isRead More →

Do You Need Help With Your Financial Plan?

Many of us like to think we can handle our finances on our own. In most cases, this is probably true. You probably can take care of the basics of budgeting, setting aside money for retirement, and all of the other tasks included in financial planning on your own. ButRead More →

Dealing With A Wasteful Significant Other

You work hard for your money. You take care of yourself. You make sure you have enough for a rainy day. You are responsible and stay accountable to yourself. Then you meet that special someone. All of a sudden, you find out your finances are in shambles. Hard as youRead More →

10 Simple Steps To Green Up Your Office

It isn’t hard to get carried away and be wasteful at work. Even if you do practice green solutions at home, the office seems to bring out the worst of careless consumption in us. Here are a few basic instructions on how to reduce the damage. Don’t Leave Your ComputerRead More →

How To Make Money More Attracted To You

With over 60% of Americans not even having enough money to cover a $500 emergency bill, it’s no wonder many of us are jealous of those we see having lots of money at their disposal. Often, we assume those with more money than us just got ‘lucky’ on the careerRead More →

5 Tips To Get The Cheapest Life Insurance

When you find yourself in the market for life insurance, you’ll soon realize that you have many goals. Like most, you want to find a policy that meets the following requirements: Affordable, based on your budget A high level of coverage (death benefit) While this is easier said than done,Read More →

3 Ways To Rebuild Your Emergency Funds

Setting aside a fund for emergency is a part of stable financial planning. You can never predict what future has in store for you or if at the next moment, you will have to face curveballs. It could affect your financial situation and that is why, having a rainy fundRead More →

5 Tips To Save Money On Amazon.com

Amazon.com is a huge marketplace, possibly the Internet’s biggest, so it might be hard to navigate your way through their website with the deals, discounts and coupons scattered all over the place. However, over the years, Amazon has launched many features that will save customer’s big money. In this article,Read More →

7 Pricing Tricks That Retailers Use

Retailers have had many years worth of practice to develop techniques to get you to spend more money in their stores. Subtle, but effective tricks get shoppers to turn over their hard earned cash without thinking too hard about the real cost of the items they are buying. Read onRead More →

Use Payment Bursts To Get Out Of Debt

Many people think that to get out of debt you have to go through a long ordeal. Many people think of debt as a completely negative process. They often think of debt payment as much fun as going to the dentist for a root canal. While this may be trueRead More →

7 Things To Help You Decide If You Should Buy A Home In 2017

Is 2017 going to be the year when you will finally buy your dream home? Everybody is talking about historically low mortgage rates, recovering housing markets, turnaround in the economy and robust job sector, but these are generic factors that don’t address your personal financial situation specifically. While these ‘external’Read More →