7 Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Moving

Relocation is a major move and only thinking about it can be tiresome. Planning and packing are exhausting enough, but even more of a downer are the extremely high expenses of moving, especially if it’s done during peak season. Some of the expenses are unavoidable, but if moving is properly planned and organized, relocation doesn’t have to be such a money drain at all.

Research Costs

Take time to research all the offers on the internet and to estimate should this be a DIY thing, or should you hire professionals. Unless you are moving across the country and own a piano, this moving could be done with the help of friends and a rented truck. Sometimes hiring some company doesn’t have to be too expensive, but it does take some effort of comparing offers and negotiating the price. Also, take note that moving companies have their peak seasons (mainly during the summer) when prices are higher than usual. Since leases expire at the end of the month, it happens on weekends too, as well as in the first week of the month.

Unburden The Load

People have no idea about how much stuff they own until they start packing them. Before you start to pack, take the time to get rid of many old things that are used seldom or never. Those burdening items are mostly clothes, but if you take a good analyzing look around the place, many others will emerge, whether from the kitchen or a garage. Taking care of this means not only saving money but even earning some through a yard sale or tax refunding donation.

Get The Boxes For Free

Buying boxes is an unnecessary expense since they are easy to get for free. Start asking in your workplace, then ask friends and possibly new neighbors. If that doesn’t work, try looking for boxes behind the mid-sized stores, in back alleys. There should be piles of boxes waiting to be picked up.

Wrap Up

When packing fragile and valuable items, bubble wrap is a must, but it can easily be replaced with some of your t-shirts, towels, and bed sheets. This will save you some money, but be prepared for piles of laundry after the unpacking.

Ship Some Stuff

This is useful when you are moving a long distance and you don’t have too many belongings. Boxes full of books are the smallest, yet the heaviest. If you hire a moving company, they will charge you by the weight and distance, so the price of moving books will come close to the price of books itself. UPS or FedEx offers more favorable rates of shipping than moving companies, so make sure to take this advantage. The delivery will take longer, but it’s not like you’ve planned to read the moment you arrive at your new home.

Transport And Storage

Relocating may seem as an endless stream of difficulties, particularly if you are moving to a smaller place, or moving to a temporary location. Having more belongings than actual space requires either dismissing them or keeping them in a storage unit. Storing possessions can be useful even for longer periods. Many companies that provide storage can also offer rental trucks and vans, so this may be of use if this moving is a DIY project.


This may seem as a needless investment, but if you have hired a moving company that will transport some of your valuable items, you may consider a better insurance coverage. That way the moving company will have to cover the full cash value of the specific damaged item.


Moving represents a new chapter and fresh start someplace else, therefore, it should be considered as a joyful project. Whether you decide to do this yourself, with the help of friends or to hire professionals, keep these tips in mind since they might cut down some expenses. Take your time to think this through and properly organize, but try not to wait until the last minute. With the right attitude and enough time to plan ahead all the details, it could easily turn out to be a smooth venture.

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