7 Awesome Tips To Live Like A Champ When You're Broke

Times are tough. You have a job that doesn’t pay well enough or you may not even have a job at all. You need to save money, pay off outstanding debts, avoid going broke while at the same time you wish to live life to its fullest.

It seems impossible, but there are ways you can radically cut spending in certain facets of your life and still have enough money to enjoy the finer things! Here are 7 tips to live like a champ when you’re broke.

A few bad decisions here and there can have major consequences on your finances, leaving you in a situation where you cannot even afford basic amenities. As it is put here How to survive being totally broke, bad decisions do have consequences where living drastically beyond your means can impact your life where you can’t even afford to go out for a basic dinner with your family.

Before you make that drastic purchase or take out that loan, take stock of your situation and figure out if financially it is a sensible and viable option.

Discover ways to cut corners in your spending. Finding cheaper, alternative ways to live can make a huge difference. Can you shop elsewhere for groceries, spend your Saturdays doing DIY instead of investing money into redesigning your house, find alternative routes to work using public transport? These are all great ways of saving money.

Taking the time to zero in on recurring expenses can allow you to budget better and free up that extra cash to save, pay off loans or give you a little extra spending money for a rainy day. Maybe you’re paying for extra cable or phone services that you don’t really need and you can slash from your budget. Shop around, negotiate and learn the art of haggling. Using these skills combined with a simple phone call to your providers and asking can score you lower monthly rates and thus more in the bank every month.

You can take this one step further and seek professional help in the form of financial advisers. They will provide you with expert advice so you can be fully aware of every single dollar you have left over at the end of the month and the best use for it. As put here, 7 awesome tips to live like a champ when you’re broke, it doesn’t even have to cost you to seek help as your bank should be able to offer you free money advice. Once this is done, you may even have some spare cash floating around to treat yourself.

Most of us rely on our main full-time job as our only stream of income. Why limit the talents you may possess to just one thing? If you have plenty of free time due to budget constraints, you may as well use this time efficiently and make a few extra dollars. It can be as simple as cleaning jobs on the side, blogging, crafting, painting, the list is endless.

Once you have several streams of income you will put yourself in a much stronger position financially. Using the extra income wisely will completely alter your financial situation over the course of the next few years. Only having one “job” means that you’re only one step away from not having a job at all, so put your talents to work!

Finally, before you make any purchase, ask yourself a few simples questions that can determine if it is really worth forking out your hard earned cash for a purchase. As put in this article Live well on less, a few simple questions can govern whether you’re investing in something that will truly add joy and utility to your life.

At the end of the day, everyone at some point in their life encounters financial issues. It is important to remember that you don’t have to deprive yourself, but you do have to become more conscious of how you’re spending your money.

Using some of these tips, consulting with friends, family, financial experts and learning to spend in alignment with your values while not frittering money away on things that don’t matter, you can easily live like a champ even if you are broke (for now!).


  1. There is no doubt that being broke can be hard but in my life, I have found that it is in those times of desperate need that I become the most motivated and work the hardest. Being financially comfortable is a better place to be but those times of need definitely were worth while.

    1. Author

      There’s nothing like mounting bills and hungry mouths to get you motivated to work hard.

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