5 Wonderful Ways To Spend Less This Winter

Winter is coming. Sure, it may only be October, but soon Halloween will be an afterthought and you will be preparing that delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Want to spend less this winter and holiday season? Employ a winter savings plan that works.

Winter can be cold, stressful, and quite costly if you don’t take a frugal approach. If you have kids or if you are continuing your education, that first tuition check is due before the holidays.

And not to mention food, heat, tasty treats, and presents to leave under the Christmas tree. In fact, the average person spent nearly $500 on gifts alone in 2015.

To spend less this winter and holiday season, you should employ a winter savings plan that works for you and your family. You may think it’s a challenging feat to accomplish.

However, it is possible if you following these five wonderful ways to spend less this winter.

Turn Off Your Lights To Spend Less This Holiday Season

Tis the season to waste money on electricity, but it doesn’t have to be. It may be gloomy outside during the winter, and it certainly gets darker earlier. However, being more aware of your lighting will save you big bucks.

What about Christmas décor and those colorful lights as bright as Rudolph’s nose? No need to be the Grinch this holiday season, because you can use energy efficient lighting for your home and Christmas tree.

Turn Off Or Dial Down Your Heat To Spend Less

No one likes to be cold, except for those polar bear types jumping in frozen ponds this winter. However, no one likes to be broke either. The winter may cause you to crank up the heat, even when sleeping or out running holiday season errands.

In order to spend less this winter, turn your heat off when it’s bedtime and make sure it stays off when not home. Even dialing down your heat seven to ten degrees for eight hours per day can save you 10 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Budget Meals To Maximize Holiday Season Savings

Santa is not the only one that should be making a list and checking it twice. You should be doing the same when it comes time to go grocery shopping. The grocery store is a money pit during the winter, especially the months leading up to the holiday season.

There are plenty of sweet goodies and comfort foods you may crave during those colder winter months. However, these foods and sweets can most certainly be pricey. To spend less this winter, eat a meal, make a shopping list, and stick to it. And don’t forget to clip those great coupons to maximize your budget.

Keep The Plow And Snowblower In The Garage

Another wonderful way to spend less this winter and holiday season is to keep those snow machines idle. You can spend a pretty penny on running your snowblower or plow during the winter months. You can save more if you don’t contract someone to do it for you too.

Think of all the delicious, heart warming, and fattening food you will pack on this winter and holiday season. If you want to spend less and keep fit, shoveling snow is the answer. However, it is important to know your limits and consult your doctor before shoveling snow for any long period of time.

Make Movie Night An At Home Affair

Winter is a special time of year with snow falling and romantic movie nights. However, movies at the theatre are getting downright expensive. Did you know that the average American spent roughly $2,500 on entertainment in 2010? That can add up over a few years if put into savings.

To spend less this winter, make movie night an at home affair. You can still pop some fresh buttery popcorn and indulge on chocolate, but you won’t need to spend time in line, or fighting for elbowroom in the theatre.

There are plenty of simple ways to spend less this winter and holiday season. Some may even be a more relaxing or romantic replacement. You certainly don’t need to spend truckloads of money to enjoy winter. Keep those credit cards at home and develop a savings plan that makes sense.

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