5 Ways you Can Save Money With The Sharing Economy

The ‘sharing economy’, it’s a phrase that’s been bandied around a lot recently. Charged with environmental vigour, politicians and economists a like love to tell us how important this idea is. But what does it mean for us? For the average consumer, investing in the sharing economy will not only save the plant but money as well.

Here are 5 companies that could transform your finances.

Fat Lama

How many plans and activities never come to fruition because of money? That trip to Cornwall to go surfing, or the time you wanted to take up filmmaking? In the modern world we are all encouraged to try new things but a lot of the time we can’t actually afford to experiment.

Well with Fat Lama all that changes. A peer-to-peer lending platform Fat Lama allows users to rent from a catalogue of weird and wonderful items all provided by personal owners.

Negotiated for a daily fee, you can now have a go trying out photography or cycling without having to commit to buying the equipment at retail.


This is one you will have undoubtedly come across before but it is worth sticking in anyway. From a simple scheme to let people crash on your floor to a global business operating in 191 countries Airbnb, is now one of the largest accommodation services in the world.

The principle being that ordinary people rent their rooms out to tourists is an ingenious idea that is fast surpassing the hotel industry as it is far cheaper and a more sociable way to travel. On the other side, it’s a fantastic way to subsidise your rent if you’re living in an pricey touristy area.


Not strictly just sharing platform but one that works well to encourage reuse nonetheless, Gumtree as a classified adds site that lets you post advertisements for items or services that you wish to sell locally.

As it doesn’t have a postage system, almost everything is done in hyper-local areas ie. your borough in a city, therefore is great way to get rid of stuff you’re chucking out, boost your local economy and bring neighbours closer together.


As a freelance or and artist, finding somewhere to work is a nightmare, hanging about coffee shops is fun for about 5 minutes but often you need somewhere conducive to work.

This is what Vrumi has been designed for: the self employed who don’t want to shell out for an office space. The service provides anything from a conference room for meeting investors to a studio to work in, all at a relatively cheap daily rate.


Almost incredulously wholesome, this app is a marketplace for what the owners describe as pre-loved toys. We all know that raising a child is expensive and one of the main factors in that is how quickly they develop. As such toys are only fleetingly used before they outgrow them all together.

Using Appytoy circumvents this problem by setting up an exchange system between parents that saves them binning old toys, and provides them with new ones when they need them. It’s a brilliant way to reduce waste as a parent and keep the cost of raising a child that tiny bit lower.

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