4 Ways To Make Money Today Selling Your Used Stuff

Check around your home. Note every item you once purchased for a purpose which is currently lying dormant. Count them. How many of these big ticket items do you count? Head over to your garage or attic and repeat the process. How many do you count?

Chances are the above action will reveal so many things you first bought just lying around which you no longer use. From old clothing (or clothing that you no longer favor) to appliances that are now out of use or even slightly broken appliances, there is a lot we keep around in our home which we don’t actually make use of. It would interest you to know that you can make some good money out of these. How?

Head over to a pawn shop

A pawn shop can give you loans on items you still use or give you some cash in exchange for an item you no longer need. If there is any around you, take the time to head over there, read their contracts, and find out how they operate. If you have an item you no longer use, take it over and bargain for a good deal.

Organize a garage sale

A garage sale can serve to make you a reasonable amount of cash on your used stuff. For this to work, though, be sure to keep it very organized. Carefully sort through items you wish to sell. Wash them and keep them clean and attractive. If you have pieces of used clothing for sale, wash them and iron them before hand. Keeping them neat and attractive will help boost their re-sale value before potential buyers. Determine how much you wish to sell each item and tag them with prices. Many would prefer seeing your price on the item to having to ask you about prices; and some might walk away if they have to ask. Do well to advertise your garage sale with bright, well placed sign posts.

Used books head to Amazon

Amazon makes it so easy selling off used books which you no longer need. Sift through your library and identify any books you are largely unlikely to read again. Now go to Amazon and list them for sale. While there are other ways to sell off used books, just about any book can be listed on Amazon with the platform doing the advertisement for you. Take great pictures of these books so they appear attractive. Be sure to state the current state of your book – new, fairly new, or worn – as this will have a bearing on how much you can recoup from it.

Selling Online

Most of your used stuff can be sold off online. While some websites are specific to certain products, others can be used for just about anything. Here are some websites to consider when selling used stuff online:

  • eBay: You can typically list items you wish to sell on eBay, take great pictures of them, make a sale in a few days, and have your money in your PayPal account. Make sure your pictures are clear and write a great description for your product in clear and easy to understand grammar.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist allows you place an ad for your product for free. Simply take a great picture of the item and list your location. Those within the area will find you and you can make a sale in a day or two.
  • Vinted: Your used clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. that are no more in use can come here. There is a great community of buyers and sellers willing to offer you great deals on your stuff.
  • Chairish: Have some furniture or household accessory you no longer need but it’s still in great shape? Chairish allows you to sell them fast and keep 80% on your selling price.
  • CashYourLaptop: So long as your laptop is still in great shape, CashYourLaptop is one place to sell it off at a great price. Simply search for your device under their listings, provide any necessary details and fill out the checkout form. You will receive a free, pre-paid shipping label and your money will come through check or PayPal.

Although reselling your used stuff would generally have to be done at prices below their original cost price, there is still value to it. Be sure to acquaint yourself with prices that are obtainable for the product before putting them up for sale. This will allow you to get the best possible offers for them.

You might not expect to make a whole lot of money out of re-sale but you can make enough money out of items you were no longer using anyway. Keep in mind that you can also profit from re-sale by actually shopping around for used stuff. The quality of stuff you get out of such shopping and the prices at which you get them might surprise you.

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