Here are 10 places in the home where you could be doing more to save energy and live a greener life.

Washing Machine

Wash your clothes with cold water. Detergents will still do their thing and get your clothes nice and clean.

For that matter, when you’re washing clothes, wash only full loads. your washing machine will still waste about the same amount of energy whether it’s a few shirts or a few dozen shirts.


The spin cycle in your washing machine does a decent enormous go job at getting the water out of your clothes. If you have the space, hang dry your clothes instead of throwing it in the dryer.

Speaking of the dryer, clean out your dryers’ vents to get rid of all that lint. If you don’t, your machine will need to work harder to get the work done.

LED Lighting

Remember when years ago we had to replace our light bulbs with those ugly curly ones. Well it’s time to do that all over again. The good news is that this should be the last time. Today’s LED bulbs can last for over 20 years.

Take Shorter Showers

You are wasting on average about two and a half gallons of water every minute you shower. If you could just reduce your daily shower time by 4 minutes, you will be saving 3650 gallons of precious water per year.

Replace Appliances

Replace your old appliances with energy star rated ones. While this may seem costly, you don’t have to do them all at once. Find your oldest appliance and replace that one this year. Next year, replace the next one on the list. The good news is that your electricity or gas supplier may have a rebate program to help you out with the cost.

Install A Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat like Nest. They learn your ideal temperatures so you don’t have to manually adjust the thermostat. They also know when you leave home so they won’t heat an empty home.

Air Dry Dishes

It’s better to wash the dishes yourself, you will save our precious water.

If you must use a dishwasher for some reason, at least let the dishes dry on their own by opening the door. By morning time, your dishes will be dry and you would have wasted zero energy.


The windows of your home are a significant source of energy waste. In order to prevent the loss of heat through your windows, consider replacing your single pane windows with new double pane windows.

You can also consider using window shades, shutters and awnings to better insulate your home.

Weatherize Your Home

Something as simple and cheap as applying caulk or weather stripping can truly pay dividends.

There can be countless leaks letting in cold air and letting out warm air (or vice versa). By properly insulating your home you’ll save on home heating and cooling costs.

Water Faucets

Install tap aerators to drastically minimize the amount of water you use. You won’t notice much of a difference in the power of the stream, but you will notice the reduction in your next water bill.

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