10 Inexpensive Pest Solutions

Almost every home owner has had to deal with some type of pest or another, but most people don’t realize that pest control can easily be done at home. While calling the professionals is convenient, there are some things you can do to prevent or eliminate an infestation on your own and save money.

1. Seal openings

Making sure there are no gaps or cracks around openings is a great way to keep small pests from entering your home when they aren’t wanted. Pay close attention to areas where pipes go through walls or floors and where laundry vents to the outside.

2. Pick up after Fluffy

If you have pets, you may be enticing bugs like ants to come in to your home for a quick snack. Combat the problem by putting your pets dish on a mat that’s easier to clean or place a bowl of food in a bowl of water, leaving a gap between the bowls like a moat. Bugs and rodents won’t cross the moat to get the pet food.

3. Clean the kitchen

This seems pretty obvious, but dirty kitchens attract bugs. Bits of food and debris are a great meal for ants, roaches and rodents. Clean the kitchen regularly to prevent unwanted dinner guests.

4. Run a dehumidifier

There’s one thing that pests love and it’s dark, damp places. Open the blinds and plug in a dehumidifier to dry your home. As a bonus, you’ll also reduce mold and mildew when you use a dehumidifier.

5. Clean up the yard

If you have leaves, wood or other yard debris laying around, you’re asking for trouble. Critters like mice love these environments and will happily move in to your yard for the amenities. When the weather cools down, they enter your home, so it’s best to just keep them out of your yard in the first place by cleaning it up.

6. Attract birds

Birds are naturally pest repellants. They eat bugs before they enter your home and their presence is a sign to other critters to stay away. Put up bird houses and bird baths to attract more winged friends.

7. Keep wood away from your home

You know you’re not supposed to store firewood near your home, but did you know why? Firewood is a place for bugs and rodents to live. Keeping it near your house gives them a natural way into your home where you don’t want them.

8. Use a flytrap

This doesn’t have to be one of those ugly sticky hanging trails of glue and dead fly carcasses. You can make a fly trap from ingredients you have on hand at home. Just Google homemade fly traps and you’ll get a range of options to choose from.

9. Trap mice instead of killing them

Dead mice or worse than live mice. A dead mouse can be a breeding ground for insects and parasites, so rather than leaving an all-you-can eat buggy buffet in your walls, invest in a simple trap instead. Then, take the mouse somewhere to be released or killed that won’t attract bugs.

10. Repeal those mosquitos

Mosquitos are a big problem in the summer time. Instead of swimming in bug-repellent plant grasses and herbs that naturally repel mosquitos around your living area. Use mosquito disks to treat standing water and use a fan on your back porch to create a mosquito-reducing breeze.

These inexpensive pest control tips can help keep your home exclusively for humans. There’s nothing less fun than being invaded by bugs or rodents, so take the proper steps to make your house an unattractive rest-stop for unwanted guests.

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