Washing Ziplock Bags

Every single day, millions of Americans grab a zippered plastic bag, place a sandwich inside and then go to school or work. The bag is opened, the sandwich is eaten, and the bag is then thrown away. This process is then repeated every single day. Can you imagine after a few years of doing this how much plastic is headed to the landfill? Now imagine how much money is being wasted too. This needn’t be the case.

Why not re-use the bags? You paid for them, after all. You’re entitled to do whatever you want with them. What if they got some jelly on them? They can be washed. You wash your plates, why not wash your storage bags too. The bags are pretty sturdy, so they can be reused over and over again. Just wash them in the sink and let them dry, just like anything else. If you choose not to reuse them, you’ll eventually pay more for these bags than all your plates combined.

By re-using your ziplock bags, you only need to buy one pack of bags, perhaps for your entire life. You’ll feel better knowing you’re not wasting all that plastic, and all that money.

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