Use Your Shoe Boxes

So you go to the store and come home with new shoes. What do you do with the shoe boxes? They technically are trash since you bought the shoes not the box. But there are many different uses for shoe boxes. Throwing them away is throwing away something that could be useful to you. Read on for some suggestions on alternate uses for shoe boxes.


Well, shoe boxes are for shoes after all. You can place your shoes in shoe boxes. The boxes stack up nicely and are usually about the same size. You can label each box so you know what shoes are in there. You can even take a picture of each shoe and attach it to the front of the box.


Some shoe boxes are big enough to put 8.5″ x 11″ papers in them. You can store some documents in them, rather than buying plastic containers. Be sure to label what each box has to make it easier to find something in the future. Since the boxes won’t be visibly displayed, it doesn’t matter that they’re not visually appealing.

Gift boxes

If you want to give someone a present but don’t have a box or fancy bag for it, you can put their present in a shoe box. Just wrap it up nicely first. The person receiving the gift won’t care, nor would they notice, as the present is what draws their attention.

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