Transitioning To Green Products On A Budget

Cleaning products are costly, from products for the bathroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between. Going green is not only trendy, but it’s also better for the environment and safer for pets and children. Switching to green cleaning products can also save money, which is extremely beneficial to a family on a budget. The problem is that the upfront cost for concentrated green cleaning products can make it seem more expensive at first. The good news is that you do not have to spend a ton upfront to go green in your own home.

All Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner can easily be made using half a cup of vinegar and one quarter cup of baking soda. This solution can be used on water deposit stains in showers or bath tubs, glass windows, chrome fixtures and even mirrors.

You do need to err on the cautious side when using this mixture on woods, as it may cause damage or bleaching.


Dust gathers everywhere, but a high quality microfiber cloth can do wonders. Purchasing a microfiber cloth rather than using chemicals to dust the home is more eco-friendly, even if the cloth itself is not necessarily made or marketed as ‘eco-friendly.’

However, do note that using a reusable microfiber cloth means less paper towel is wasted and no chemicals are used, thus making it an eco-friendly green cleaning option. Plus, not spending money on the chemicals or the paper toilet, which is great for a family on a tight budget.

Green, Clean Floors

Vinegar diluted in warm water can be used on vinyl, linoleum, brick and stone flooring. Mix one cup of white vinegar with one gallon of warm water, using a mop, clean the floor with the solution. It may be necessary to run the mop over the floor using just warm water to remove any vinegar residue, particularly if the smell from the vinegar is overwhelming.

For carpet stains, equal parts vinegar and water can be used. Simply spray the solution directly onto the stain, let it soak for a few minutes and then blot up using a clean white towel. For hard-to-remove stains, a stiff bristled brush may be needed.

Messy Ovens

Ovens can be cleaned using a paste made from three-quarters cup baking soda, one quarter cup salt and one quarter cup water. Spread onto the baked on grease, allowing it to sit overnight. Then remove in the morning using a stiff bristle brush and rinse using a wash cloth with warm water.

These are just a few examples of the many ways to switch to more eco-friendly cleaning products without spending money on actual products. Common kitchen staples such as vinegar, salt and water all readily available in most homes, so no additional money needs to be spent. Even if additional money is necessary, it is often significantly less than the cost of purchasing green cleaning products.

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