Stop Watching Television

It seems that many of us are addicted to watching television. Whether your guilty pleasure is reality shows, soap operas, sitcoms or game shows, you  need to realize that life is about more than fictitious characters on a screen. Here are some other things you can do other than watching TV that are more fulfilling.

Go outside

Life is beautiful. There are birds chirping, a clear blue sky, the hot sun, the breeze, beaches, mountains, everything that is mother nature. Get outside of the house and see the wonders all around you. Breathe and take it all in. Remove yourself from the confines that society has placed on you. There is a big world out there outside of that flat screen tv.


There are countless things you can do at home other than watching tv. When you are addicted to programs on television, you become a couch potato. Humans were not meant to sit idle for hours at a time. This type of sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. Instead, lead a more active lifestyle by going for a bike ride, take up hiking or walk the dog. Televisions are some of the biggest electricity hogs, whether they’re turned on or off. So unplug the cord, become a healthier person and save a few bucks as well.

Live life

You only live once. Every second that goes by is another second you’ll never get back. Are you really wasting your life away sitting down watching television? Discover what is important to you in your life and do more of that. Whether it’s spending time with family, traveling or helping others, do more of that. I doubt what matters most to you is what Kim K is wearing or how flat the Situation’s abs are.

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