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Online shopping has drastically changed the way we buy things. It is now even easier to buy whatever you want with a credit card from the comfort of your own home. It’s no surprise people today are in debt more than they were 20 years ago.

But with the advent of online shopping also comes an added advantage – a multitude of opportunities to save money on what you’re shopping for. With your smartphone you can make a budget, track your spending and of course get some amazing deals.

Some apps offer you coupons, others assist you in finding the best deal and yet others offer you suggestions on where to dine locally on a budget for example. By using money saving apps on your smartphone you’ll begin to see how online shopping doesn’t cost you more money, but rather helps you save more money.

One such way consumers are now saving big cash is by shopping on those popular daily-deal sites. The top three are Groupon, Living Social and Google Offers. Here’s a closer look at these 3 smartphone apps that are designed to help you shop online while on a budget.



No deal-catcher should be without this daily deal app on their phone. Within the app you’ll have great discounts (up to 85% off) on local services such as a car wash, hair cut, massage or a maid service.

The way it works is simple. You find a deal you like, you buy it, then show up for the service and show them your voucher right from your smartphone. They then scan it and voila you just got a wonderful discount.

Companies do lose money offering their services at such steep discounts, but it’s a great way of getting exposure. They hope those new customers come back later and pay full price if they enjoyed the service.

Living Social


Living Social is Groupon’s #1 competitor. And why wouldn’t it be? They offer the same exact service in the same cities. Only time will tell who will come out on top.

With the Living Social app you can browse your area for local deals on everything from food to new tires for your car. Members will get a daily email with the latest offers customized based on their preferences.

Google Offers


Google Offers works in the same way as Groupon and Living Social do. You get personalized local deals delivered every day to your smartphone. The app has Google Maps integration (not a surprise) so you can see what deals are nearby.

Google once tried to buy Groupon by offering them a whopping 2 billion dollars. This is how bad Google wanted in on the “daily deals” market. There must be something to it. Instead, Google decided to create their own. Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t taken off like Groupon and Living Social have. But don’t bet against Google on this one. This race is not a sprint but a marathon and Google has the money to out-spend these two competitors.

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