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If you want to become better-looking while saving money for investment purposes, you only need to do the following: buy more fruits and vegetables. In many parts of the country, fresh fruits and vegetables cost less than meat and canned or processed food. Not only are they cheaper to buy, they are also better for you. Here are just some reasons why switching to a mostly plant diet can help you save cash and look and feel better.

Fruits and veggies cost less

Depending on where you shop, fruits and veggies cost less than processed or canned food and fresh meats. You save time in preparing most fruits since you only need to wash and cut them up in order to enjoy them. Compare this to the amount of work you need to do to eat steak or stewed meat dishes. You save both ways. You save on time, and you save cash.

You save on calories

One of the best features of fruits and veggies is the fact that they are packed with fiber. Fiber fills you up and you feel fuller longer. This means you get fewer hunger pangs, and you don’t eat as much. When your body takes in less calories, it will burn up your stored fat to compensate for the lost energy. You can speed up this process by ramping up the amount of exercise you get. Regardless, when you eat veggies and fruit mostly, you can lose weight. And keep it off.

Veggies are packed with vitamins and antioxidants

Cancer is thought to be caused by nasty chemical compounds called free radicals. Fruits and veggies are packed with substances called antioxidants that keep free radicals in check. They keep your cells from being damaged. And when the do get damaged, antioxidants help your cells repair and heal themselves properly. While expensive meat and processed foods strip out antioxidants or are laden with free radicals, cheaper food items like fruits and veggies give you the antioxidants to fight free radical health risks.

The great news about changing your diet and lifestyle is that it not only helps you get on the road to a healthier and better you, it can also leave a lot more cash in your pockets. When you are able to save, you are able to invest and have your money work for you instead of the other way around.

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