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If you live in an area where the winters are especially cold you know you couldn’t live without your heater. But you sure wish you could live without the high costs of home heating. Budget conscious people know that every winter you need to allocate extra funds to cover your monthly gas bill. Alas, there are ways to cut down on your home heating expenses.

Cover up

One easy way of lowering your home heating costs is to simply not use the heater as much. This is easier said than done though, as it can get quite frigid during those cold December nights. But it doesn’t cost you anything to wear multiple layers of clothing. There’s no point in leaving your coat on the hangar and walk around your home in a tshirt with the heat on full blast. Leave the coat on. You might even want to, dare I say, wear a snuggie. At night, place an extra blanket or two to keep you warm.

Use the sun

If there is sun during the day open the curtains/blinds and let the heat of the sun come in. By nighttime some of the trapped heat will still be in the room and it won’t feel as cold.


When you put your hand near your window, does it feel cold, I mean real cold? There may be more cold air leaking in than what is normal. Consider insulating your windows better. Just add some weatherstrip material around the edges to keep the cold air out.


Using your fireplace is more cost effective than using the gas. This all depends on how much you got your firewood for though. You can even throw in some of your trash to burn in there too. Just don’t throw the gas bill away.

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    I usually just break out the blankets and some extra clothing when it starts to get colder. I live in Central Texas and you can actually get by without using the heater in the winter if you choose to do so.


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