Save Money By Shopping Second-Hand

Resale shopping was once the domain of the poor. During the depression and times of war, many Americans were dependent on second-hand shops to provide clothing and other needs for their families. In those days the reputation of the merchandise at second-hand shops was of ill fitting rags.

But saving money isn’t only the concern of those who struggle with finances; even the affluent enjoy finding a great deal. In recent years the stigma has been lifted, and savvy consumers of all economic levels are visiting the likes of the Salvation Army Thrift Store for the chance to find high-end products for pennies on the dollar.

There are some great reasons to consider shopping at charities, consignment and resale shops over and above the savings you will receive. Here are a few to think about.

Benefits Reputable Charitable Causes

What could be better than helping a worthy charity help those in need while saving money? While not all resale stores are run by charitable organizations, many of the larger ones do benefit disabled veterans, the homeless and hungry across our nation. Make your own gently used items work for you by donating them and receive a tax right-off.

Ecology-minded Recycling

For every item you purchase at a resale shop there will be one less thing ending up in America’s landfills. From one consumer to another, merchandise sold in more than 30,000 shops across the U. S. helps ecology conscious citizens do their part in protecting the environment.

Chic, Trendy and Vintage Clothing

No matter what style you’re looking to wear or to decorate your home, resale shops offer some of the most bohemian, avant-garde, weird and unique stuff. Vintage clothing, collectables and unusual items that you might not otherwise find in a traditional store make the shopping experience an adventure.

The merchandise you find in second-hands stores changes regularly, unlike traditional retailers that make seasonal changes. As new, used items are sold more are brought in to fill the space, giving consumers more opportunities to find their next treasure. And, odds are you will never run into anyone wearing the latest outfit you bought at a resale boutique.

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