Reuse Your Glass Jars

When we buy items in the store such as marinara or even some candy jars, we use the item and then throw away the jar. But do you know that you can re-use that jar for other purposes? Using and reusing items is all about reducing waste and being green. You can also save money since you won’t have to buy containers any more. Before you use a glass jar wash the inside of them. Remove any label by placing the jar in hot water for a while. Scrub any residue glue/label off with your nails or with a scrubber. In this post I’ll go through a few unique uses for used glass jars.


You can use your saved glass jars to pour other food items such as rice, beans, flour, corn flakes, cookies or coffee. You can also place dog food or pet treats in glass jars. This storage system looks better than storing them in the original box/container they came in.


Want a refreshing beverage? Put some sweet tea with ice in a jar and enjoy your big drink in style.


You can add colorful items into glass jar for decoration purposes. You can put nice rocks in them or marbles or sea shells or candy.


You can add water to your glass jar and place some flowers inside. They’ll stay fresh there for a few days.

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