Pinching Pennies The Green Way

When we talk about living frugally we are not necessarily talking about depriving ourselves of any and all niceties of living in the 21st century. Being frugal isn’t about that at all. You can adopt a more frugal lifestyle and still enjoy yourself. Being frugal just means that you are cautious about what you spend on, careful on how much you spend and you find ways to re-use previously purchased items.

Living the frugal lifestyle has its advantages. First and most obvious, those who adhere to the frugal lifestyle do so to save money. This can be to pay back high interest debt, save for a big purchase or simply to make ends meet in this rough economy. Second, being frugal is also environmentally friendly, since frugal people do not like to waste things and would rather recycle / reuse them.

One way you can pinch pennies and be green all at the same time is by recycling. Now hold on just a minute. I know you think you have already read or heard everything you need to know about recycling but give me just a minute of your time. I want to talk about changing your state of mind when it comes to collecting that money from recycling. When we were kids and our parents would let us take our empty coke bottles down to the store we considered it “free money.” After all we didn’t have to actually do anything for it other then save the bottles. Our parents are the ones who bought it.

Sadly I think subconsciously this belief in the free money has carried over in to our adulthood. That is why we only cash in our recyclables when we feel like it instead of always. It is after all sometimes messy and inconvenient. We have forgotten that this is not free money. This is “our money” that the state charges us. We need to get “our money” back and we do that by recycling your cans.

But don’t stop there. You can recycle your plastic and your paper too. Yes, some recycling places also pay you for your paper. Sure, it might just be $1.00 for 20 pounds of paper, but you’d get nothing if you just threw it away.

Something that you may not know about that brings in good money for recycling is car or boat batteries. Every major city usually has a company that will take your old batteries and pay you cash. Now the prices that they pay are constantly changing but I have always made at least ten dollars on your standard car battery. They pay per pound. You could even make some extra money putting up flyers offering to get rid of your neighbors old car batteries. You could even offer a couple of dollars per battery and still come out way ahead.

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