Other Uses For Dryer Sheets

When your clothes tumble in the dryer, the friction causes your items to cling together and end up with an electric charge. That’s where dryer sheets come into play. The sheets eliminate the static cling. But they do more. They also help make your clothes wrinkle resistant and they have a  pleasant odor that helps your clothes smell fresh.

But after using them in the dryer, what do you do afterward? Do you throw them away? Well you can re-use dryer sheets for other purposes. Let me tell you a few of the creative ways I’ve re-used dryer sheets. If you have any other uses, please add them in the comments below.


Store your unused dryer sheets in the closet or in drawers to keep your clothes smelling good. Add a few in the toilet paper roll or in other areas of your house. Place some underneath your seats in the car and in the trunk. Place them by a vent or fan to spread the odor around your room. You can even stuff a sheet inside the bag of your vacuum so the house smells nice after vacuuming.


Use dryer sheets to wipe the dust off your television and laptop screens. The anti-static chemicals in dryer sheets will help to repel dust and lint.


Clean soap scum off shower doors with used dryer sheets. You can also shine up chrome with it, so you can use this on your car’s rims or on your chrome faucets. You can also use them on your Swiffer sweeper, as they pick up dust nicely.

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