Mounting Bills, Who Do You Pay? Part I

When bills begin mounting up you may come to the realization that you just may not be able to pay everyone in a given month. In that situation, who do you pay first, in what order do you pay your bills and who do you not pay at all? That’s the question we’ll be dealing with today.

If you want to determine who to pay first you first have to determine what is most important to you. First on that list are your needs. Without your needs being taken care of life as you know it cannot continue. The key is to differentiate between your needs and your wants correctly.


The basic need of a human being to be able to survive is food and water. This expense would be your grocery store bill. There are many ways you can reduce what you pay for food though. You can buy in bulk, you can wait for sales, you can buy generic instead of name brand items and you can use coupons.


Another basic need is shelter which is your rent or mortgage payment. There aren’t many ways short of moving to reduce these payments. Not paying these bills can have devastating effects as landlords to evict and banks do foreclose. The best ways to avoid these scenarios is to plan ahead and downsize if you see financial danger looming.

Utility Bills

But shelter is more than just having a roof over your head. You’ll need other basics like water, electricity and heating. You need water to bathe, electricity to cook and heating to keep your house warm during the cold winter months. These bills also need to be taken care of before you pay anything else like a credit card payment or a personal loan.

Your Car

Your vehicle can also be considered a ‘need’. Your car is what will enable you to earn money and get yourself out of this current cash crunch you’re in. If you drive a car to work every day you will also need to make your car payment if you have one. You also need to allocate money to pay for gasoline.

Once these basic needs are met then you can move forward and pay other bills. What bills to pay next will be discussed in the next post: Mounting Bills, But Who Do You Pay? Part II.

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