How To Have Longer Lasting Bananas

It feels bad to buy a bunch of bananas and have them spoil because you didn’t eat them in time. It just feels bad to throw food away since it’s the same as throwing your money in the trash. To prevent that you need to plan better. Only buy what you are sure you’re going to consume in time. There’s no point in over stocking on bananas if there’s a good deal if you’re not going to eat them all.

Bananas usually go bad in about 3 days or so, but that’s only if you do nothing with them. Here are a few ways you can extend the life of your bananas.

Buy green, buy yellow

Let’s say you want to buy 7 bananas and will eat one per day for a week. If you buy green ones then your bananas won’t be ready for a few days. If you buy yellow ones they’ll turn black by the end of the week. Instead, buy a mixture of green and yellow bananas. You don’t have to buy the whole bunch. You can rip off the exact amount of bananas you want to buy. So buy 4 green ones and 3 yellow ones for the week.


Your bananas will last longer if you place them in the refrigerator. The skin will actually turn dark black, however once you peel it the banana will still be ripe. Except to get 7 days there versus 3 or 4 if left outside.


Your bananas will last longer if you separate them. The thinking goes that as soon as one of them goes bad the others will too. But that won’t be the case if they’re separated.

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