How A Crock Pot Can Save You Money


Taking small, intelligent daily efforts can have drastic effects on your budget at the end of the year. Of course, everyone is familiar with the whole skip the daily $3 latte and end up with an extra $750 at the end of the year. But in this article, I want to go deeper and highlight one way that not only will save you money but will also enhance your life.

I’m talking about crock pots and slow cookers. Yeah, crock pots and slow cookers.

What are the top two  New Year’s resolutions people make every year? They want to lose weight and have more money. Well this simple device has the ability to save you money and slim your waistline too.

Using a slow cooker does take a little bit of preparation and planning though. It surely isn’t as simple as heading over to grab some fast food or popping something into the microwave.

I would recommend the night before, cutting your vegetables, marinating the meat and getting the spices ready. It’s an activity the whole family can do together. Then, in the morning, toss everything in the crock pot, turn it on, and 8 hours a gourmet, mouth watering, nutritious meal will be waiting for you when you get home.

Save On Restaurant Visits

How exactly does this save you money? Well, since you will have a meal already waiting for you when you come home, you will not be tempted to grab a bite to eat to go before heading home. Eating out is going to be more expensive than eating at home since they have to pay for not only the ingredients, but for the rent and their employees.

At night, our willpower tends to be drained. You’ve had a long day at work. Why not reward yourself with some greasy comfort food? That’s how we justify our bad decisions. It’s at night that we are more likely to make decisions which are not in sync with our financial and dietary goals.

Save On Health Costs

The second benefit of using a crock pot is the food at home will be much healthier, and of course investing in your health is the real long term savings. Sure, a $2 burger might sound like you’re saving money, but it’ll come back to bite you when you have to buy meds when you get type 2 diabetes.

Benefits At The Workplace

A better, more nutritious diet will also lead to greater energy and a better state of mind. This will allow you to work more and be more efficient on the job. And last I heard, a motivated and hard working individual is first in line for a promotion and a raise.

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