5 Frugal Family Fun Day Activities

5 Frugal Family Fun Day Activities

Spending some quality time with your family is important, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. It seems like going anywhere nowadays is going to cost you an arm and a leg but that’s just not the case. It just means you haven’t been looking hard enough. There are countless ways you and yours can have a fun and frugal day out. Here are several affordable fun family activities that will surely fit within your budget.

The Park

Going to the local park is a surefire way to have the kids enjoy their day out. Just take a short walk (or drive) to the local park and spend a few hours out with the family. The kids will go on the swings and the monkey bars while you and your spouse can relax on the bench by the trees. Food won’t be expensive either as you can pack a homemade snack before you go. The added benefit of a park outing is that the kids will be exhausted by the time they’re back home. That means hopefully a quieter, calmer, more peaceful home.

The Zoo

If you have a local zoo nearby, odds are they have very low rates for weekdays, especially for locals and even especially more for kids. With just a $20 bill you and the whole family can probably spend a day (or at least an afternoon) observing some wild animals. Many zoos also have a petting zoo, where children can pet and even feed the smaller animals. It’s an¬†activity¬†that your will occupy your kids for the day and will have them talking all about it the day after as well. It doesn’t hurt that it’s educational and cheap too.

The Museum

If you have a museum nearby, pay them a visit and you’ll be surprised to hear how affordable they can be. While art or history museums may not appeal to children much, science museums certainly will. Many of these museums have plenty of hands-on activities for kids to partake in.

The Beach

You can’t get much cheaper than a trip to the beach. Now if you live more in the coast it’s going to cost you a bit in terms of the driving, but for those near the coastline it’s a fun and frugal way to enjoy the day. Just pack a few chairs, towels, umbrellas, buckets for sandcastles and snacks and let the beauty of mother nature do the rest.

Live Events

Local communities often times stage free outdoor concerts for the neighborhood. Even if the music is from an unknown performer it provides a good experience for the kids to see a band perform music live. Live music allows kids to experience it in a form other than their iPods.

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