Don’t Buy Cat / Dog Toys

A cat or a dog does not know nor car that the toy you just bought them came from a pet store. You can make your own pet toys from things you have around the house that you no longer want. Here are a few examples of toys for pets you can make at home.


Have an old shirt you’re going to throw away? Make it in a tight ball sew it shut. Your dog is going to enjoy sinking his teeth into it for hours.


This one’s for cats. Place some catnip (you can grow it yourself too) into some old socks and sew it shut. Add a little bell to it or a string and hang it somewhere.

Plastic bottles

Get an old bottle, whether it be a water bottle or a prescription bottle, and add a bell or some beans inside of it.


Animals love tubes, so when you’re done with a paper towel roll let them play with the tubes.

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