Ditch Your Landline

For decades a telephone has been in just about every household in America. Well, times are changing. It is becoming increasingly simple to live without your home phone. As cell coverage continues to improve, many are finding their home phones to be as useless as black and white TV’s were when color TV came out.

Here are a few reasons why you should be frugal and get rid of your landline

Long distance

For decades you were charged extra to make long distance calls. And not just a monthly fee, but a per minute fee on top of that. With a cell phone, it makes no difference if your call is local or long distance.


Many have kept their landline because they have DSL. But many DSL providers now offer DSL without telephone service.


Before you had to pay to not be listed in the phone book. You had to pay if you wanted caller ID. You had to pay if you wanted call waiting. Cell phones destroyed that by including all of those services at no extra charge.


Emergency services are becoming increasingly better at identifying your location when you call with a cell phone. As technologies improve in the near future, a call to 911 will instantly tell them your precise location.


With the advent of voice over IP services you can now use a “land line” by utilizing your wifi connection, rather than a telephone line. You can have a dedicated number and if your internet connection is working, nobody should be able to tell you’re not on a landline.


There are many  more ways to communicate nowadays then in the past. Decades ago, there were telegrams and letters, then came telephones. But now you can Skype, Facebook, AIM or text each other.

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