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When you’re buying something, you usually want to make sure it’s brand new. There seems to be a stigma with buying something used. But what about refurbished? After buying refurbished items for years (and never having a problem) I can say that buying refurbished is the way to go. When I’m going to buy something, I go on eBay and look for refurbished items first, then used, then finally at new ones if I can’t find any of the other types.

The reason why I buy refurbished is obviously because of the lower prices. But you see, I’m not sacrificing quality. The product comes directly from the manufacturer and even comes with a warranty. It just technically isn’t new anymore, even though you’ll be hard pressed to notice any difference.

Don’t think that refurbished means flawed. If anything, it means “once was flawed”. But it has been repaired by the manufacturer with the same parts as a brand new one. You can’t tell the difference. It performs just as good as a new one. It will even come in a box with the manufacturers logo on it, like a new one would.

Common items to buy refurbished include laptops, ipods, vacuums and stereos. But larger items can be refurbished too, such as televisions, dryers and refrigerators. You can stand to save hundreds of dollars if you choose refurbished over new. Why would you even want something that is new? As soon as you open the box it’s no longer new.

If you’re still not convinced about refurbished items then you can consider buying cosmetically damaged items instead. These were items that were damaged during shipping. Sometimes just the box was damaged. Other times it’s a fridge with a dent on the side. No matter the damage, it does not affect how well a product works and it’s another way of saving big bucks.

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