Being Frugal Doesn’t Always Pay Off

In your quest for frugality you can go a little too far. Sometimes you can overdo it and end up spending more money in the process of trying to save a few bucks. Here are several situations where being frugal doesn’t necessarily pay off.


Many things that are available in the store can be made at home. You can make your own ketchup or cheese for example. However, this process can take many hours of your time. It may not be worth it to waste half a day doing something that you can just buy at the store for a couple of bucks.


It costs money to get things repaired. Another option is to throw it away and buy another one. But you want to be frugal, so you figure you’ll just try and repair it yourself. If the tools you buy for the repair job are worth more than what you’re repairing, you’re not being too frugal there.


You may think you’re being frugal by not going to the gym or going to see a doctor. However you should not save money on your health. You only have one body so you have to take care of it. To save money on health, you can consider the vegan lifestyle, as vegans don’t buy milk, cheese, eggs or any kind of meat.


It is frugal to buy things when they’re on sale. But, and this is a big but, only when these are items that you actually need. You won’t be doing yourself or your wallet any favors by purchasing whatever is on sale just so you can feel like you got a good deal.

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  1. Derek Marion

    I didn’t repair my car and ignored the problem. Well a month later I ended up damaging other more expensive parts.


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