Apps That Will Save You Money

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a smartphone. Those who don’t may see it as an unnecessary expense. However you can use your smartphone to help save you money. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android powered phone, there are countless apps available that were created to help save you money. Here are a few ways you can use your smartphone to save you money.


Use an app to help locate the cheapest gas stations in whatever area you’re currently in. This works great for road trips, as you can stop to fill up at cheap stations you come across. Be sure and don’t drive out of your way just to save a couple of cents on gas, as that defeats the whole purpose.

Bar code scanner

On some apps, you can scan the bar code of a product you find at the store and it will display the prices of the product at various online stores. Now you can comparison shop right inside the store.

Rewards cards

Do you have a lot of those loyalty cards on your keychain? Now you don’t need to carry around all those cards. You can keep them all on your smartphone. Using the free Cardstar app you can add all of your cards so the cashier can simply scan your phone to give you credit for your purchases.


There are plenty of financial apps available to download. You can create your budget using an app. On others you can track your expenses. You can use mobile banking to check your balance and transfer funds. There are also apps that can create a debt reduction plan for you.

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  1. Mary @ Buy Sell Funds

    Great application ideas. These are great stuff to benefit from fast advancing technology. I love the idea of a very handy bar code scanner.


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