Alternative Uses For Placemats

Place mats can be used in other ways other than on your dining room table. If you’re tired of the look of your dining table and want new placemats, you can buy them, but don’t throw your old ones away. Here are some other creative alternative uses for dining table placemats.


Animals always make a mess around their bowl when they eat. When they crunch their food all the little crumbs go around the bowl. You can collect the crumbs there so your floor doesn’t get dirty.


Wash your plastic placemat, cut them to the right size and place them inside your drawers to use them as drawer liners.


Sew two quilted placemats together, place a pillow inside of them and you’ve got a colorful pillow to throw on your couch to add flair to the living room.

Cutting board

Plastic place mats can be used as cutting boards. You can cut your fruits and vegetables on them, slide them onto your plate and then wash it to re use again.


You can cut and sew cloth place mats and convert them into bibs. You don’t have to make them perfect, as long as they do the job.

Other uses

The right placemat can make a nice handkerchief. The older looking placemat that is on its last legs can be converted into a cleaning rag. Another use of a placemat is under the toaster, as breadcrumbs always seem to fall around them.

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