Adopting The Frugal Way Of Life

Frugality has always been synonymous to saving. It has been tried and tested and proved that if you live on a frugal budget, you will remain debt free as you don’t have to borrow money for expenditure that you cannot afford. There are a number of things you can put to practice if you want to live frugally and save money. These are listed below.

1. Buy generic brands – You can reduce the cost of the regular items you buy, including groceries by buying generic products. There are a number of things which you wouldn’t even feel the difference whether it is from a special brand or generic. These are mainly items such as milk, cereals, sauces and ketchup, fruit juice and so on. If you can’t stray from your favorite brands, online coupons can be a great option.

2. Make your own coffee – This is actually a very good way of saving a considerable amount of money. Every morning when you go out for work, instead of grabbing coffee from the local café you can make your own coffee at home.

3. Carry brown bag lunch – Eating out is an activity that can increase the expenses that you incur quite a lot. It is advisable that you carry brown bag lunch from home to your work. This will help you in saving money on a regular basis.

4. Save cost on fuels – The cost of fuels is quite a lot these days. There are a number of ways you can save cost of fuels. Using car pools or public transport for everyday traveling is a good option. If you have kids at home, you can buy them bicycle so that they can cover considerable distances on the bicycle and you wouldn’t be required to drive them around.

5. Line trash cans with grocery store bags – This is applicable if you have a trash can. This can save you money as you are not required to buy extra plastic bags for lining trash cans.

6. Buy second hand items when possible – You can save sufficient amount of money if you buy second hand items. However, you should be careful that the items are in good condition. There is no point in buying second hand items if you need to replace them in two or three months. Usually items such as furniture, furnishings, electrical gadgets and so on are a good deal when buying second hand.

7. Buy things in bulk – If you buy items in bulk such as body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, and even grocery items such as cereals, fruit juices and so on, then you can get discount on these items. Most shops keep this as a part of their strategy to increase their sales.

8. Watch movies in DVD’s rather than going to a theater – Going to the theater entails a lot of expenses. Movie tickets, popcorn, parking bill and so on can make your pockets considerably lighter. It is a better idea to stay at home and watch movies in a DVD with family and friends.

9. Carry a list while shopping – Most of the times you get in debt because of excessive spending which happens due to impulse shopping. In order to avoid this, you should carry a list with you after writing down the necessary items that you need to buy. By doing this you will be able to remember what you need and refrain from buying unnecessary items.

10. Regulate your electricity usage – Electricity bill is a major expense every month and reducing this can be vital in reducing your total monthly expenditure.

Thus you can see how the above 10 tips for frugal livings can accumulate to help you in reducing the expenses you incur every month and thus assist you in saving.

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  1. Caroline Dryer

    Believe it or not I am even more frugal than this! Maybe I’m just plain CHEAP… but to begin with, I don’t even carry brown paper lunch bags. I usually bring my lunch, but I’ll put it in a reusable plastic Walmart bag or just stuff it inside my purse. That way, I don’t need to pay for bags lol. And I also don’t drink coffee. It was one habit I always feared was too expensive.


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