7 Easy Ways To Save

7 Easy Ways To Save Money

1. Make a List

Make a list of all your monthly expenses, such as bills, groceries and gas, along with your monthly income. If you really consider everything, you will know what you have to put away for savings. You can break it up into weekly, biweekly or monthly funds, depending on how your pay is set up.

2. Direct Deposit

A great way to save is by keeping money out of your hands. Have your paycheck directly deposited into a savings account. Any other cash you have should be put directly into your checking account. This way, you’ll be less tempted to blow a buck here and there.

3. Coupons

Coupons are everywhere – you just have to find and use them. Any newspaper will reveal a bunch of ads, or you can use the internet to find these coupons. Plenty of of stores will even honor other stores’ coupons, just to have your money. Just put the clipped coupons into a separate wallet!

4. Shop Smart

Shop at less expensive store that carry the same quality of products. This will help you save on everything from clothing to groceries. Dollar stores have the same products in cleaning supplies, paper items and lots of other items as department stores, but for a much more affordable rate.

5. Amenities

Cut down on unnecessary amenities. There are plenty of things we buy just because they’re available! We can go without so much of what we buy. Take a page out of a monk’s playbook and try to ween yourself off your meaningless attachments. Stop the aimless shopping! Always make a list and only purchase what is on that list, nothing more. If its not on the list, you don’t need it!

6. Sales

Look for sales and only purchase items if they’re on sale! You will buy less and save money. You can use the internet for a lot of savings in this vein. Just type in the product and look for the best price. Many sites will search other sites for you. Then, you can again print out the best price and call the store you want to go to and see if they will match the other stores price.

7. Here Piggy Piggy

The final is tip is way from way back when. Keep a piggy bank! Saving your change can actually bring in a lot of extra money. You can even turn it into something fun. Make a guess as to how much money you will have in your change jar after a month and then try and beat it month to month. You can save your change for a year and see the large amount you will have; some people even pay for a vacation with all the change they save in that year.

Those are just some ideas as to how you can save money, but it won’t work if you don’t have your mind set on saving and trying hard to do just that. Once you get into the habit of saving, you won’t be able to stop. Coupons and sale items are the easiest first steps to take. Direct deposit is also extremely simple. Piggy Banks are also just as easy. So, get started now and don’t be afraid to come up with even more ideas.

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  1. XanderX

    I love the idea of starting up a piggy bank. I always remember as a little kid how much money wound up in there after months and months of coin collecting 😉


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