6 Ways To Save On Beauty Products

Looking good can become very expensive – all the fancy potions, lotions and makeup can add up to be a huge cost that not many can justify. But there are ways to look just as good while saving money on beauty products. Here are beauty hacks that will keep more money in your pocket.

Use multi-tasking products

This will save you money and shelf space in your bathroom – look for products that can be used in two, three or even more ways. For example – a soft pink lipstick can be smudged onto the cheeks as a gentle cream blush, or a loose dust eyeshadow in a neutral shade of champagne can be used as a brow and cheek highlight, or even mixed into a clear lip gloss to add a metallic sheen to the lips.

Create your own skincare in your kitchen

Face creams can cost a lot, but don’t necessarily do your skin any more favours than a natural concoction you can make yourself. Brown sugar or sea salt mixed with olive oil will create an amazing body scrub, 20 minutes of mashed avocado through your hair will bring moisture and shine, and try whipping egg whites and applying it to your clean face for a face tightening mask that will give you results within 10 minutes.

Shop smarter

If you can get the same products that you already use but pay less for them, then you’d be crazy to pay full price! There are many ways to do so, but one of the smartest option is to use coupons and promo codes from different online retailer stores such as Lord & Taylor and Argos. You can order your favourite products online at a discounted price and get them delivered right to your door.

Limit the amount of product that you use

Read the back of the bottle and see what the manufacturer recommends – maybe that handful of conditioner can be halved or even less, which will make the product last much longer.

Get more out of your containers

Have you ever had a lip gloss or foundation that seemed empty but you could see product on the sides of the container? Grab a mug and fill it with hot water, then sit your glosses in them for ten minutes. The heat will melt the product enough that it will slide to the bottom and you can get a few more uses out of it.

Use synthetic brushes to apply makeup

Natural hairs will absorb product that can’t be used, unlike synthetic brushes where all the product ends up on your face. If you have any issues with your foundation looking streaky with a brush, try a gentle patting motion as a final touch to blend any lines.

There’s many ways that you can save money on your beauty routine without sacrificing on quality. So enjoy your savings while still looking good!

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