5 Ways To Save On Vacations


Vacations are essential to your well being and peace of mind. Many people feel that if they go too long without a vacation from work they start getting aggressive, worn out and depressed. For your own personal health and sanity, it’s important to regularly take breaks to recharge your batteries.

However, not everyone can afford to take vacations every year. For many families, taking time out to enjoy life is outside of their budget. Fortunately, there are ways you can save on your vacations so you can afford to get away more frequently. Read on to discover 5 ways to save on vacations.

Enjoy A Staycation

If you can’t afford to get out, stay in. Staycations are becoming more and more popular as people try to save money without sacrificing time with their families. Staycations can be vacations spent at home, or at local attractions that are less expensive than fancy resorts in tourist areas.

If you want to experience a staycation, head to the internet and start looking up destinations near your own home. Plan day trips and look for deals on tickets to attractions. Sometimes libraries offer discount tickets to nearby attractions, so check with your local library before making your plans.

Rent A House Rather Than A Hotel

Hotels are expensive not only because of high rates, but because you have to eat out when staying in a hotel. Instead of renting a room that lacks a basic kitchen, rent a house and prepare your own meals during vacation. If you have more than 2 people going on the trip, a house is often cheaper than hotel rooms to begin with and the added bonus of saving on meals further increases the attractiveness of a house over a hotel.

Look For Discounts

Before heading out on your vacation, do your homework and find deals on the attractions you intend to visit. Look at libraries, AAA, AARP and any groups you may be affiliated with. You may be surprised now many companies offer discounts on tickets or group packages.

Create A Bundle

Bundle deals are big in the travel industry. Whenever possible, bundle your air, car and hotel package to get the best discount possible. Some online websites and travel agencies specialize in package deals which are more cost effective and more convenient. Save yourself money and time by buying a bundle whenever possible.

Go During The Off Season

This is an obvious tip, but travel when it’s not in season. If you’re heading to a beach, go in the winter. If you’re going to a skiing area, the spring or summer are the least busy times. Think about your destination and when it’s the busiest to determine when you should travel. Almost without exception, all travel destinations are the busiest during the summer when kids are off from school.

Using these travel tips can help save you a bundle of money on your next vacation. When it’s time to kick back and relax, think frugally to stretch your vacation dollar and be able to afford more time with your family.

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