5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy During the Holidays

During the holidays it seems like everything goes on sale.  Your credit cards are burning holes in your pocket and the urge to spend is stronger than ever.  While it’s true that many things reach their lowest prices during the holidays, not everything is such a spectacular bargain.  If you can, you should avoid purchasing the following five items during the holidays.

Laptops and computers

While the retailers are offering up the latest and greatest gadgets during Black Friday, laptops and computers should never make their way onto your shopping list.  This is because most manufacturers announce their newest models and products in the late fall for the Christmas season, while they discount their current models in the late summer for back-to-school sales.

Shopping during the back-to-school season will yield the biggest discounts, but you’ll be starting out with an outdated model.  If money is more important than having the most up-and-coming products, it’s smartest to wait a little while.  The exception is that if the product is all-new.  Typically new technology, such as new video gaming system, won’t change much in price over the course of a year, so taking advantage of bundle deals during the holidays is your best bet.


It might be tempting to update your outdoor gear as the weather turns chilly, but buying in the beginning of a season is never a good idea.  For seasonal purchases, buying at the end of the season — March or April for skis — will yield the deepest discounts and the best deals.  If you are determined to give your loved one the gift of the great outdoors, try a gift card for a sporting goods store so they can get their merchandise in a few months when it goes on clearance.


If you have enough money to surprise a loved one with a car for Christmas, you probably aren’t too concerned about getting the best deal on it.  However, if the car will be financed, you’ll want to get that sticker price as low as possible, which means foregoing the big red bow on top for Christmas morning.  Instead, shop on December 31st when dealerships are trying to clear inventory before the new year, or in April right before the new models come out.  April will get you the best deal, but December 31st is the best time in the winter months.


Everyone goes somewhere during the holidays, so it makes sense that luggage sales skyrocket during this time of year.  Manufacturers and retailers have no incentive to lower prices or offer sales on the popular travel items during the holidays, so they simply don’t.  If you need a new set of luggage try shopping in February and March when sales are down and prices are at their lowest points.


Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts during the holidays and it’s an easy go-to item for most men.  Rising demand means rising prices, making a sparkly gift less affordable during the holidays than during any other point in the year.

Instead of wrapping the necklace up and putting it under the tree, aim for the spring or summer when sales are down and jewelers are more willing to negotiate for a better price.

Avoiding buying these five items during the holiday season can save you a bundle of money.  Use a little common sense and buy when demand is low to get the best prices on the items you want the most.

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